LISTER Primary school pupils welcomed Jim Plunkett-Cole, also known as Jim Gump, as part of his tour of Bradford schools this week.

Jim and his dog Flow are attempting to be the first man and dog team to run the equivalent distance of the equator around the world, starting next year.

In the lead up to “Jim and Flow’s amazing equator adventure” Jim completes mini adventures and visits schools in both the UK and the United States on his way, in a bid to motivate others with stories of people he’s met and experiences he’s had through running and being outside.

His plea to young people is clear: “In ten years you won’t remember a single game of Fortnite.

"You will remember the times you had these adventures outside.”

Bradford Sports Awards launched at Valley Parade

Gaynor Kilmister, Headteacher at Lister Primary School realises the importance of children being outside and active, and this motivational visit from Jim is just one of the ways she hopes children will be inspired to move more: "At Lister Primary we are fully committed to ensuring all of our children engage in Active Learning.

"The benefits of a little bit of activity each day go far beyond supporting our children to be healthier but can help with academic success and promote a positive attitude and approach to the well-being of all learners.

“As a school we are working together with a number of stakeholders to embed Physical Activity at the heart of our schools ethos. The inspirational Jim Plunkett-Cole (Jim Gump) visited our School and his incredible story, amazing adventures and motivation to do a little bit of activity, preferably outside, everyday has inspired pupils and staff to do just that.

“Every member of our school community took part in a fun run and celebrated each other’s individual achievements. Jim created a buzz around school that has got everyone talking about being active and more importantly being more active."