Telegraph & Argus readers have been quick to offer a Bradford slant on the 'unwritten rules of the road' after new research was published earlier this week.

On Monday, we reported that motoring experts from had revealed 13 of the UK’s unwritten road rules, including saying thank you when another driver gives way, getting into the correct lane as soon as possible, and not queue jumping.

The story prompted a huge response on Facebook, with many putting forward suggestions for an alternative Bradford list.

One poster, Thomas Nicholson, observed: "It would be a good start for people to know the written rules of the road before unwritten ones."

AJ Patel agreed, saying: “Majority of Bradford drivers don't even know the written rules.”

Bradford's reputation for dangerous driving has long been seen as a blight on the city, so much so that police launched Operation Steerside in early 2016, partly inspired by the Telegraph & Argus' Stop the Danger Drivers campaign.

  • The list below should be taken as an indictment of some of the driving habits in Bradford rather than being seen as a desirable driving style!

Here's a list of readers' suggestions;

1) Deposit Highway Code

When at the top of the M606, deposit your highway code in the nearest bin because you ain't gonna need it in Bradford. - Richard Davis

2) Red lights - merely advisory

If you drive in Bradford ignore traffic lights - most do ! - Jeff Black

They miss the traffic lights rule in Bradford.....Green, fly through, Amber - put your bloody foot down, Red - have a look and go through anyway! - Alex Whitaker

3) Footpath driving

Traffic queuing ahead, no problem just use the path instead - Chris Marshall

4) Every man for themselves

Only rule on Bradford roads is every man for themself...but if you can drive in Bradford you can drive anywhere lol.. - Tim Whitaker

5) Random extra lane

Manchester Road 2 lanes of congested traffic, 1 nobhead with his mates in car decided i’ll drive up the middle of the 2 queues of cars, clipping every wing mirror on the way including mine.. - Andi Roberts

6) Block yellow boxes

Yellow box means block. Cycle stop line is a secondary stop line for cars (Audi, BMW) without indicators only. Bradford capital of no road sense/insurance - Andrew Callaghan

7) Accident ‘not my fault’

Don't have a licence or insurance. Have a bump, swear blind it was other person's fault. If all else fails, do a runner. - Christopher Mark Norris

Finally, the last word goes to Stewart Ellison who, commenting on the original list of 13 unwritten road rules, quipped: “They've been written down. Can the article now be retitled "the 13 formerly unwritten rules of the road"?