BRADFORD Crown Court is now operating a pioneering electronic ID card system to allow barristers quicker access to the building using their smartphones.

The court is one of seven in the north east region to introduce the scheme developed by The Bar Council.

Users can scan a barcode to enable entry without further security checks, other than random screenings.

The scheme is being rolled out to almost every court in the country on a staggered basis.

Today, the chairman of the Bar Council, Richard Atkins QC, said: “A lot of hard work and investment has gone into developing this scheme. It will be of immense benefit to members of the Bar who will hopefully now gain quicker access to the courts and tribunals in which they work and perform a vital public duty.

“I hope to be able to announce a further tranche of participating courts in December.”

The scheme was developed with the Bar Council after barristers trying to enter courts in England and Wales were held up from representing their clients by airport-style searches and security measures.