WORK to repair “deteriorating” bus carriageways at a Bradford transport hub will cost around £2 million.

The works, planned for Bradford Interchange, would see the complete resurfacing of the bus carriageways, which are regularly in need of repair.

Next Wednesday members of West Yorkshire Combined Authority will discuss funding for the project - which is expected to start in September and be completed by May 2021.

Work would be phased to try and minimise disruption at the Interchange, which includes a bus and rail station and is used by thousands of commuters every day.

The Authority’s West Yorkshire and York Investment Committee will be asked at the meeting to approve spending £461,400 of the £2 million to carry out structural surveys that would allow the scheme to move to the next level.

A report going to members says: “This will clarify the extent of the work required and the potential impact on total budget.”

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The funding is coming from the West Yorkshire Transport Plan - a £26.9 million pot of money for transport schemes across West Yorkshire.

A report going to the committee says “ad hoc” repairs to the carriageway at the station cost around £40,000 a year, but this is expected to rise to £215,000 if more thorough repairs are not undertaken.

And this work needs to be done before any wider refurbishment or regeneration of the Interchange - members will be told.

It is hoped that in the near future the station could be transformed - ultimately culminating in a high speed rail link at or near the station.

Other future improvements planned for the Interchange include the pedestrianisation of the station frontage and creation of improved public realm, improved station concourses, the creation of a new taxi turn-around, the creation of a new drop off area and accessibility improvements.

The report details the need for the works, saying: “”Areas of carriageway are showing signs of deterioration and have been subject to a number of repairs over a number of years.

“The cost of repairs will become uneconomical when compared to a complete re-surfacing of the affected areas.

“These works are therefore needed for the continued undisrupted operation for all users of Bradford Interchange.

“The scheme will resurface the carriageway to the suspended deck. This will likely ensure that future maintenance costs will be significantly reduced for a period of 10 to 15 years to the areas resurfaced.

“This project is required to maintain a public asset and allow the continued, safe operation of a public transport facility.

“The repair and resurfacing of the carriageway is one part of a proposed programme to further improve Bradford Interchange and these works will ensure structural integrity of the facility to allow the future enhancement projects to be delivered.

“The bus station will continue to operate during the works which will be delivered in phases. The phasing of the works will be planned so as to suit the requirements of the bus station management and users of Bradford Interchange.”

The committee will Wellington House, Wellington Street, Leeds at 11am on Wednesday December 4.