Is it a plane, a drone, a comet... or could this be an alien craft in the skies above Bradford?

Juran Harrison, who took this footage on Tong Road at 4.36pm on Tuesday November 26, is keeping an open mind - but didn't hesitate it to call it a "possible UFO sighting".

The footage, taken from a car, shows a bright red glowing object moving across the sky above the roofline.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Then, as quickly as it appeared, it is gone.

Juran said: "I would describe it as a burning red light, was moving sideways then down and away leaving a slight trail behind it.

"I saw it appear seemingly out of nowhere and vanish, the object at first looked like a passenger aircraft and appeared similar in size but moved unlike any aircraft I’ve seen before."

UFO expert Marcus Lowth, who writes for, told the T&A: "While this footage is very interesting, I would suggest that given the time of day it was taken, that this very well could simply be the last glimpse of the setting sun.

"That said, the Yorkshire and region has been known to be a UFO hotspot over the years, with regular sightings of strange lights and anomalies."

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