In 1984, the pub formally known as the New Beehive, had been renamed The Bradfordian, along with a new look, making the customer feel like they had entered a time machine and stepped back 80 years. Working within the limitations of building, fire and public health regulations designer Ray Buck had added, bell pushes, terrazzo floors, an Edwardian décor, and even installed gas lighting.

There were no Juke Boxes, but in the back-buffet room, a miniature music hall with live entertainment and a resident pianist, with a repertoire of 5,000 songs.

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Under the new management of Arthur and Madge Midgley, Mr Buck stated that the pub had returned to its old values, “It’s not a bistro, not a wine bar, not a cocktail lounge, not an American Bar, it’s Bradford’s No. 1 Public House – The Bradfordian for the Bradfordian.”

In 1985, a strip act had doubled the takings at the popular town centre pub. But for others, mainly groups who used the real ale pub for meetings, they were not amused by the saucy goings and took to boycotting the premises.