THIS bold, beautiful blast from the past is the big cheese again – and this time it's even got its own hashtag...

HAVE you got a famous plant? Well, if you have the ever-so-gorgeous Monstera Deliciosa then your lovely little houseplant has its very own hash-tag on all social media platforms and it's known as #monsteramonday.

Monsteras, also known as the Swiss cheese plant, have been a great British favourite for years and they’re back with a big, cheesy bang.

With its deep green foliage and unique split leaf design it’s not hard to see why we’ve loved the cheese plant for so long.

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But, it would seem over the last couple of years we want more from our cheese plant and it is the variegated version.

The white pigment is caused by the lack of chlorophyll which gives it its distinctive colour and pattern.

For us plant-lovers, owning one of these is the ultimate plant goal. I managed to source one in the summer but even I couldn’t bring myself to pay over £200 for a 120cm plant.

I did settle for a cutting from eBay which I paid £50 for ( feel free to mentally chastise me) and I’m finding it’s a bit trickier and slower to grow than its big sister.

So for now, in the shop we are loving our faithful, easy-to-care for, original Monstera Deliciosa and starting a new trend in plant-giving.

We’re encouraging all new cheese plant owners to pass a cutting to a family member or friend who is moving into a new home.

Let the cheese plant you love flourish in another one’s home. Let’s see your next-generation grow the next generation of the family house plant.

Here’s the care routine for this plant:

  • Keep your houseplant in bright, indirect sun (a nice corner with some filtered light will give it room to grow up)
  • Use a moss stick (they get very heavy and benefit from some support)
  • Water once a week in the summer and once every two to three weeks in the winter (poke your finger down into the soil to about an inch – if the soil is damp it doesn’t require watering.If it’s dry, it’s time to water)
  • Give it a feed over the summer months (always read the instructions on your chosen feed as too much can lead to leaf burn)
  • This plant is toxic to both cats and dogs
  • Don’t mess too much with your monstera. They love to be pot-bound (once every couple of years out of the growing season should be fine)
  • Please propagate. This is another plant that gives you more. Snip above a node and place in water for a few weeks before planting it on, or use as extra styling around the home
  • Enjoy. I promise it will become a staple feature in your home for years.

As always you can find me in the city centre where I always have cheese plants for sale and a cup

of tea brewing.

Until next time, planters.

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