THE DVLA has seized three "abandoned" vehicles after reports of a scrapyard leaving them out on the road.

Businesses raised concerns about untaxed and Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) vehicles being left on Brackenbeck Road, which leads to a small industrial park.

On November 18, three out of four reported vehicles were impounded by contractors, on behalf of the DVLA, to the Government organisation's office in Leeds.

This came after a prolonged period of trying to solve the issue.

A Neighbourhood Warden in Bradford South received the first received a call about the four vehicles on November 14.

The local businesses were worried that, as well as making an eyesore, the vehicles were attracting anti-social behaviour and flytipping, and giving a bad impression to global clients and visitors.

This included people damaging the vehicles or setting them on fire.

Following the call, the officer visited the area and spoke to the local businesses.

The issue was referred to the Abandoned Vehicles Team.

This team had previously attended for other vehicles, to attach the notice for abandoned vehicles, and were aware of this issue.

The team were noticing that the vehicles would be either moved a few days before the notice expired and/or replaced with other vehicles which meant that they had to start the process again.

On this occasion the four vehicles were referred directly to the DVLA.