'LET'S make Girlington better' is the message behind a new campaign from Bradford4Better (B4B) and the local Morrison's store.

Between 1pm-3pm on December 12, there will be a meeting at the supermarket to discuss how to clean up the streets and make the area safer.

A spokesperson for Bradford4Better said: "For decades Girlington has been characterised by deprivation, poor housing and a place of convenience for migrant communities.

"Girlington has a number of agencies that work really hard to support those communities trapped in poverty, poor housing and poor health.

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"A quick walk through the back street of Girlington show how poor and neglected some parts continue to be, personal and communal action is the only key that will unlock the potential for change."

The pressure group is calling for community assets - like the places of worship,

The community assets such as places of worship, education, private businesses also need to excise greater cooperate social responsibility to support Girlington move away from the squalor thar is evident in certain streets.