A TEACHER who works with children with special educational needs is on a mission to give the luxury of communication to pupils who struggle to express how they feel.

Keeley Johnson, who works for Chellow Heights School in Bradford, wants to raise the funds for more symbol communication books with personalised pages for children to point to their interests, dietary needs, care routines, family and friends. Some may use the book at a single symbol level to make requests and comments while others build sentences.

Keeley said: "It gives children the chance to speak.

"Children are encouraged to use the book to communicate in school, at home and in the wider community. They give the children the freedom to communicate with people that can help them such as a bus driver, sales assistant or doctor.

The Queensbury local will be litter picking for funds, sharing progress on her Instagram @avoicetobeheard_chs

A £10 donation equals one hour of litter picking. To donate visit the GoFundMe page.