A FORMER post lady on a mission to tackle loneliness in the modern age has taken her Happy Bench project stateside.

The Happy Bench project, which asks people to "sit here if you don't mind someone stopping by and saying hi", has already travelled overseas to Malta and Australia.

But now Kelly Williams hopes to unite more of the world with conversation, starting off in Sin City - otherwise known as Las Vegas.

On her travels, Kelly - who wants to remind people about "love and happiness" - will make her way to Sedona, Arizona, California, San Diego, Los Angeles and end her adventure in breezy San Francisco.

Kelly, who lives in Wilsden, told the Telegraph & Argus: "Anyone anywhere in the world can get their own copy of The Happy Bench poster and start spreading some happiness right now in their local community, school, sheltered housing complex, hospital. Anywhere there’s a bench can now become a Happy Bench.

"I’m wanting to use this trip to highlight the fact that, as a global society, we’ve never felt so alone.

"At any age, loneliness is no longer just a problem amongst the elderly. We are all so wrapped up in our own little worlds either locked behind closed doors or glued to our phones.

"Human connection is what it is all about. It is what we need as a society to thrive, I’m just doing my bit and spreading the word, if you can, please help me.

"I believe what you focus on grows. If you can focus on the good stuff then I feel the more energy that we give to that will grow."

The project has been well received so far with entrepreneur and life coach Anna Gaspari.

The American is urging her followers to contact their local media outlet to 'spread a little sunshine'.

This is the motto behind Kelly's online happiness campaign, Spread A Little Sunshine, where she shares messages of encouragement and positivity.

Kelly explained: "According to research, a combination of transient work, higher separation rates and social media comparison could be behind the rise of so many people feeling disconnected, and it doesn’t just affect the baby boomers.

"Many young people are also reporting feelings of loneliness, contributing to a spike in mental health issues.

She added: "It’s a huge problem and it’s getting worse, so time is of the essence. We need you to rebuild that sense of community for everyone."

Benches near you include Wilsden, Wyke, Haworth and Oxenhope.

If you'd like a Happy Bench, email happybenches@gmail.com