MORE THAN 200 people have objected to a controversial housing development in Cottingley with one concerned resident labelling the plans as “selfish”.

Developers have set their sights on 155 new homes for the Greenbelt land to the south of March Cote Lane which has a doctors’ surgery and primary school nearby.

But Charles Patchett Ltd, who has held the land for a number of years, is now facing criticism for “ignoring” the potential flooding and traffic risks.

Many villagers have made their stance clear, with over 170 objections focusing on the impact extra cars might have on the lives and safety of residents in the village.

The Greenbelt land has been imagined with two exits leading onto busy roads where, according to one resident, parking on both streets is “half on the pavement, half on the road.”

It is often used by parents taking children to Cottingley Village Primary School and Dixon’s Academy, leading to concerns that children’s safety is at risk by rising traffic levels.

Meanwhile, concerns were also raised about water levels with Mike Ramplin, one objector who has lived in the village for 10 years, describing how each blade of grass acts as a “hydraulic break”.

Mr Ramplin said: “The flood assessment document which says in section 6.17 the new development area is at ‘medium to high risk of ground water flooding’. To mitigate this, the report recommends the new dwellings should have: Raised floor levels by a minimum of 150mm; Solid concrete ground floors and no basements; No under floor electrics; Landscaping for water to pond ‘without causing danger for people or damage to buildings’ within the site.

“The report selfishly does not consider the impact on the existing dwellings 45m lower which will be at higher risk of flooding.”

He also believes the report has been “cut and paste to hide” the two fish ponds and marsh at the top of the hill while a traffic assessment was not carried out at “peak times”.

Mr Ramplin believes, if the housing development goes ahead, traffic would turn March Cote Lane into a “rat run”.

But a spokesperson from Johnson Mowett, the planning and development consultants working with Charles Patchett, insisted the applicant is working with technical consultants to properly address the issues raised by residents and consultees. While Andrew Moseley Associates insisted it follows national standards.

A spokesperson for Johnson Mowett said: “The applicant is working with their team of technical consultants to address all material issues raised by local residents and statutory consultees. The applicant is looking to meet with the council to discuss further highway, drainage and ecological matters. The applicant is also looking to work with local residents to incorporate additional wildlife and tree planting into the layout.”