A criminal who drove to a McDonald’s in a car which had been stolen during a night-time house burglary in Bradford has been jailed for 14 months.

While he was at the 24-hour premises on Ingleby Road, Bradford, Zachary Capel spent just over £13 using the burglary victim’s bank card, but the early morning visit led to his subsequent arrest.

Prosecutor Joanne Shepherd told Bradford Crown Court that when the householder woke up he checked his online banking and discovered that there had been a number of transaction using his stolen card.

The purchase at McDonald’s led to a police officer checking the CCTV footage at the premises for the early morning of July 1 and it showed Capel turning in the stolen Alfa Romeo just before 5am.

Capel, of Selbourne Mount, near Lister Park, Bradford, denied being involved in the burglary at a house on Brunswick Street, but he admitted a charge of handling stolen goods in relation to the car and bank card and a further allegation of fraud involving the use of the card at McDonald’s

The 42-year-old was arrested two days later and his barrister Shufqat Khan told the Recorder of Bradford Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC that his client’s life had been riddled with drugs.

“He is now utilising the opportunity while remanded in custody to rid himself of his drug problems and he is proud to say he had done that,” said Mr Khan.

Capel appeared in the dock in orange tee-shirt worn by ‘mentors’ in custody and Mr Khan said the defendant was wearing that with pride.

“He is looking forward to leading a crime-free life being off the drugs,” he added.

Judge Durham Hall said Capel, who has already served just over four months on remand, had pleaded guilty to handling the stolen car shortly after the night-time burglary of an occupied house.

“I am giving you an opportunity,” said the judge.

“I will lock you up for a big stretch if I see you again.”