A BRADFORD drag queen has made it to the final of a national TV competition and will appear in the city just two days after.

Owen Farrow, better known as Divina De Campo, has appeared on screens across the country in the first ever RuPaul's Drag Race UK.

An off-shoot of the hit American show, the British version has been just as full-on and dramatic.

There were 10 queens competing in the "Olympics of drag" from the outset, with the first episode airing on BBC Three, on October 3.

But, the larger-than-life characters had been whittled down to four before the penultimate episode on Thursday, November 14.

The contestants were challenged to give family members a "very special drag makeover" and 35-year-old Divina De Campo successfully made it through to this week's finale.

She actually won the week overall, adding to her two other series victories.

Divina, originally from Brighouse, has mustered up quite the following over the course of the series, with 171,000 followers on Instagram currently.

She is no stranger to TV fame, having appeared on The Voice and All Together Now in the past.

But, the scarlet-haired diva has always kept true to her roots.

The RuPaul finalist has appeared three times in the last two years at Bradford city centre pub The Sun Hotel.

She last turned out there at the start of October.

Landlord Timmy Tease described Divina as being loyal to Bradford and has known her for a number of years.

Mr Tease said: "We got in contact after she'd been on The Voice.

"She's been coming three or four years."

"I asked her whether she would still be here and she said yes and that she'd always keep doing the Sun."

Just two days after the final of RuPaul's Drag Race UK, Divina will return to her homeland for an event at The Sun.

Mr Tease said: "It's an absolute fluke really this Saturday. We always have to book at least a year in advance.

"She's lovely, one of the nicest drag queens we've had on here.

"It's quite surreal watching her on TV - I've had two actually.

"I've got a pub in Bradford and Skipton, and a girl who used to host the comedy night is now on Scarborough."

The Sun Hotel features a drag queen act every Saturday night.

This week will extra special though with the appearance Divina, who will begin her show at 8:30pm for an hour.

It could even double as celebration if the diva bags the victory on Thursday.

Mr Tease said: "She's a very impressive opera singer among other things.

"She's funny and is just brilliant.

"We've already got far more going than we usually do and if she wins I imagine it will go through the roof."

Divina will battle it out against fellow finalists Baga Chipz, a 29-year-old from London, and The Vivienne, a 27-year-old from Liverpool.