A MUM has spoken of the horrifying moment her little girl was driven away in an Uber taxi.

The distraught Low Moor mum was left to watch in terror as her three-year-old daughter disappeared alone in the car.

She had booked the Uber to take her from her home to the Rainbow House Private Day Nursery, on Common Road, Low Moor, to then take them back home.

She popped into the nursery to pick her little girl up as the taxi waited outside, but no sooner had she put her daughter in the car and walked to the other side to get in, the taxi drove off.


The mum has described it as the “scariest experience of my life”.

She said: “It was terrifying, I started panicking.”

She says she was “absolutely shaking” at what had happened and raised the alarm for the police be called, before running into the nursery to get help.

Luckily, around five minutes later - “what felt like a lifetime” - the Uber driver returned.

It was a moment the mum said was “utter relief”.

“I was still on the phone to police,” she said.

“There were a few parents outside, they all ran up and grabbed her [her daughter] - she was crying - and made sure she was ok.”

The mum said the driver was trying to “defend himself” and said he thought she had got in, but she has been left shaken-up by the experience.

“It’s absolutely petrifying,” she said. “It should not have happened.”

She said she didn’t feel Uber had taken it seriously at first and when she tried to raise what had happened, she said she was passed from pillar to post.

She also feels the police should have come out when the driver was still there, but she said no further action is being taken as they have said it was an accident.

Police said while they did not attend the call, the driver was spoken to and they also spoke to the mum after the incident, but she no longer required assistance.

Despite the awful ordeal she went through - at one point doubting herself and fearing she had put her daughter in a random taxi - the mum praised the Rainbow House nursery as being “amazing”.

She said she spoke to Uber yesterday morning and the firm was “very apologetic” about the situation and said it was taking the matter seriously and would be taking action against the driver.

An email she received from the firm read: “You should never be made to feel uncomfortable during a trip using the Uber app, and we expect all partner drivers and riders to remain respectful while using the Uber app.”

It added that it would be following up with the driver “to ensure the experience you describe can’t happen again”. A refund was also issued for the trip.

An Uber spokeswoman said: "We are very sorry to hear about the experience this rider had when using the Uber app - it clearly falls far below our high standards.

"We take all safety issues very seriously, and have been in touch with both parties to better understand what happened."