A BEER shop targeted by raiders several times over the past year has had shutters fitted thanks a community fundraising effort.

Just under £5,000 was raised with a Go Fund Me page and auctions of artwork so The Triangle on Bradford Road in Shipley could replace stock and get security measures installed.

Owner Gavin Hird said the community response was "amazing" and he wanted to thank everyone who had contributed to the effort.

He said: "It's very much appreciated.

"We have had a lot of support. It's been really positive."

He said he was organising a thank-you party with music, DJs and food for December.

"We want to make it a feel-good event to celebrate what we do have in Shipley."

In the raid at the end of October stock, a stereo and decks worth about £3,000 were stolen, and an Allwin machine was smashed to steal the money inside.

A crowdfunding page was set up that day and it soon broke its target of £1,000, eventually raising £1,780.

The Triangle also held an auction of artwork to support the cause, raising £2,000, and raised more by selling prints online.

The shop retails bottles of alcohol and also opens up to the community so it can be used as a space for events with the next one being a Kontiki EP launch with special guests on Friday.

Mr Hird is now looking ahead to the future and welcomed the opening of the Crafty Indian in Zaara's further along Bradford Road which is going to sell craft beer and Indian street food and is opening on Thursday.

"It will be really complimentary," he added.

"I hope we can have a really vibrant Christmas.

"We've got a lot of ideas and things to introduce to the shop.

"We've slowly rolled things out but we've been given confidence that we've got that engagement with the community that will speed things up now."

He said the internal shutters looked good: "I was scared they would be overbearing but they look really clean."

He praised national and local business for rallying around, especially Asquith Interiors, who made new seat covers to replace ones lost in the raid, and Shackleton and Mortimer, who installed the shutters at a discounted price.

Mr Hird said the need for the shutters was underlined when the outlet was broken into again just days after the October 21 raid which inspired to community to rally round.

Martin's Haircare nearby was also targeted on the night of November 3/4.

And just a few days ago a man tried to use a fake note in The Triangle who had a similar build to the raider who was caught on CCTV in one of the recent break-ins.

Mr Hird said he wished the police had more resources to deal with the problem as no-one had been to the shop to view film of the fake note man.