BRADFORD residents have been asked for their say on provisions for young people with special educational needs in the District.

The Council is revising its strategy for children and young people with SEND.

The strategy outlines the principles, approaches and key actions the Council will take to "deliver its ambition for children and young people with SEND."

A draft revised strategy has already been informed, in part, by children and young people and the Council is now seeking more views from all interested people, particularly families of children and young people with SEND.

The strategy’s four main priorities are;

• Making information about services and help even more accessible for children and young people and their families.

• Making children and young people equal partners in creating their plans and making decisions about their personal journeys through to adulthood.

• Making sure children and young people with SEND and their families have a positive experience of SEND provision and services.

• Making sure that young people are well prepared for adulthood so that they can be as independent as possible, be part of an inclusive community and have the best chances of employment.

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Marium Haque, the Council’s Deputy Director for Education and Learning said: “This is a timely revision and is a response to prior consultations. They highlighted that our vision for our children and young people with SEND is good, yet we need more on how we are going to realise it. Previously, our focus has been largely on education and we need to include more of our work with colleagues in health and social care who have a massive part to play.”

The Council SEND Team is developing a SEND Ambassador Programme that identifies young people with SEND aged 16-25 years to advise providers on what it is like growing up in the Bradford district and help shape provision and services for those with SEND.

One of the SEND Ambassadors, Sam Murray, summed up the aims of the SEND Strategy with his wish for the future, that “the children of today continue to belong and grow to become accepted, healthy and included citizens.”

The revised draft SEND Strategy and details of how to provide feedback can be found on the Local Offer Bradford website by clicking here.