THERE was something for everyone in the this category.

From the shop selling clothing for all shapes and sizes, to a big name brand and then onto the plucky indepedent store - this had it all.

Yours Clothing, based in the Kirkgate Shopping Centre, offers a wide range of products for women in sizes 14-26.

Global fashion brand Superdry was also shortlisted, having situated itself in the heart of Bradford, by opening a store in The Broadway in 2015.

The award though went to an independent shop, set up and run by mum Rebecca Mallison.

Flouncy Flouncy began as a modest project by the businesswoman, who sold jewellery, handbags and scarves on an evening.

Mrs Mallison had been forced to give up her sales director role after her daughter was born with severe eczema and asthma.

The project exploded and Flouncy Flouncy had its first shop, in Bingley, eight years ago, followed by a two-storey retail unit in Saltaire in 2017.

Mrs Mallison said: "It’s absolutely fantastic. I’m dead excited. I never thought we'd win.

"It’s been a hard slog, with a difficult year for retail, but we’re really chuffed.

"Generally, for retail it’s been hard – the high-street’s closing stores left right and centre.

"It’s hard as an independent to keep going – it’s just keeping everything fresh, keeping everything new, it’s the only way to keep moving forward."

The businesswoman was born in Bradford and has lived in Bingley all of her life.

Mrs Mallison reiterated the importance of staying local and revealed how the business has looked to keep relevant and on trend to survive.

She said: "We're looking at new brands all the time.

"So we stock religion, we stock quite a lot of the high-street brands, but that are not necessarily always available online.

"We also look at sustainable goods now as well.

"So we’re looking at a lot of bamboo products, things that are biodegradable and vegan."

There is also a lot of support for Mrs Mallison from the community, who champion her work ethic.

One friend said: "Becky deserves all the success.

"She totally deserves this award – I’m so happy."