A WOMAN from the Bradford district is rewriting well-known pop songs so the lyrics raise awareness of devastating medical conditions.

Lily Breaks, from Wilsden, was inspired to set up her Pop With Purpose initiative after her great-aunt died from Motor Neurone Disease.

She has already rerecorded two of the songs with Wilsden singer Ava Barker and is publicising them on Facebook and also on YouTube for the world to hear.

Lily recently graduated in BA Creative Advertising at the University of Lincoln.

Now, while working for an illustration agency in the Wakefield area, she spends her spare time working on Pop With Purpose.

She said: “I spend a lot of time researching the illnesses and conditions, to make sure my lyrics are factually accurate.

"I play around with the lyrics, and rely on my initiative and wit, as well as trial and error, to make the words fit a song.

“So far it has proven successful and really does communicate important information about the topics. I think this will really contribute to society.”

Lily said that until her much-adored aunt, who lived in Oxenhope, was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease she had not heard of the condition.

She said: “This made me think how many other conditions, causes and diseases that we simply don’t know about.

"We don’t know the signs and symptoms, we don’t know the causes, and we don’t even know what we can do to help.”

Lily said she then had a “lightbulb moment” while driving in her car and listening to a pop song with meaningless lyrics.

She said: “I thought, what if we ever-so-slightly change the lyrics to give purpose, spread awareness of certain conditions, and actually contribute something to society rather than dumbing it down?

“I have since been carefully selecting songs, changing the lyrics, finding artists and recording the remastered songs to hopefully spread awareness and information of many causes and conditions.

“So far I have published The Black Eyed Peas’ My Humps, which has been remastered to spread awareness of how ladies should check for ‘lumps’ and ‘bumps’ in their breasts.

“I have also I published Britney Spears’ Toxic, which was remastered to spread awareness of deathly food allergies, as this has been in the media recently about the growing numbers of deaths caused by poor food handling and labelling.”

Type Pop With Purpose into the YouTube search box to see the songs.