FALSE POPPY outrage has been sparked by a long-standing Ebay listing.

User "vaikona" - who is based in Bradford - has sold thousands of their "Rainbow Glittery" poppies over the past year.

But, the seller's badge listing was picked up on social media and falsely accompanied with the message that they were being sold as "LGBT+" poppies.

This provoked much outrage, with many speaking out against it.

One Twitter user, Cassie 1997, said: "Why am I seeing rainbow poppies being made, not to be rude but there is a whole month dedicated to the LGBT+ community, can the heroes that fought for our country have the ONE day to be remembered without it being about sexuality.

"It’s going too far now."

The listing itself never made any mention of being an "LGBT+" poppy and the official Royal British Legion poppies feature two leaves, rather than the five of this badge.

But, anger and vitriol snowballed, to the point where Bradford seller, "vaikona", received abusive messages themself.

The seller said on the listing: "Please stop the vile and rude messages that you are sending me.

"I don't mean to offend anyone.

"I have only one agenda and that is to make money for a charity."

The listing has since been removed.