POLICE have released drone footage from a chase.

An individual was attempting to run away from West Yorkshire Police officers.

But with the help of a drone, police were able to track the runaway man (below).

The footage first shows the individual climbing over a fence, before running through what looks to be a car park.

The drone continually shifts and moves to follow the man's movements.

Next he makes his way into the back yards of some terraced houses.

He goes to run one way, but changes his mind and heads back.

Then he makes his way down a passage between two sets of houses, stopping as he reaches a collection of bins, just off the main road.

After a short pause, the man runs down the street, but a police officer wanders round the corner in front of him.

The footage ends with the officer detaining the individual.

The West Yorkshire Police Drones Twitter account posted: "Share this and let the bad guys know not to bother running when the drone is up.

"Drone 1. Bad guy 0."

The Operation Steerside Team also tweeted in appreciation.

A post on their Twitter account said: "We love working with these guys."