Fists flew in November 1989, as hundreds of shoppers tried to grab a bargain at the opening of Westgate’s Britannia Stores. Punches were thrown and the police were called after the orderly line had degenerated into a scramble for the door.

Queuing for the event had started as early as 5.30am after the shop announced it would slash prices on opening day. By 9am more than 500 people had lined up around the block.

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Trouble flared as people began jumping the queue to get to the door. Pensioners and young mothers had to fight to keep their place, as angry shoppers hurled abuse, elbowing their way to the front.

Management at the shop decided it would be a good idea to hand out tickets for each discounted item, including toys, bikes, furniture, microwaves and televisions, to avoid a stampede. In the end, many of the waiting shoppers gave up as the pressure became too much.

Were you there, did you manage to grab a bargain?