COUNCILLORS have voiced support for proposals to improve pedestrian facilities outside a Menston school.

An e-petition calling for a zebra crossing and footway widening on Main Street, outside Menston Primary School, was presented to Bradford Council earlier this year after being signed by 446 people.

The petitioners say the existing footway is not wide enough for prams or wheel chairs, and is very congested during the school run.

On Wednesday evening the petition was discussed by Bradford Council's Shipley Area Committee, when petitioners were told that the proposals would remain on a list of list of future works to be funded by the Council.

Jamie Needle said: "The road gets very busy at school times. There are a lot of parked cars. I understand the safer roads budget is oversubscribed, but there are good reasons to support this project.

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"School numbers have increased around 30 per cent in recent years. The Council doesn't have to fund the project fully for it to go ahead, but the school can't afford it by itself. 

"The community will mobilise to help fundraising if Bradford Council can get behind this project."

Chair Councillor David Heseltine (Cons, Bingley) asked officers to speak to speak with the school, petitioners and Menston Parish Council to decide how best to move forward with the scheme.

A zebra crossing and 80 metres of footway widening would cost around £30,000.

Members agreed to keep the scheme on its list of potential traffic works in the coming year.