BAILDON Town Council's plans to install double yellow lines outside a row of homes have been refused by Bradford Council.

Town Councillors had proposed, and agreed to pay for, a number of traffic orders to make several junctions in the town safer.

This included extra parking restrictions on Green Road as it approaches Browgate.

However a number of objections had been raised to plans for double yellow lines in front of 1-7 Green Road.

Double yellow lines plan near Baildon tourist attraction dropped

The Town Council said the traffic order was needed as parked cars on that stretch of road led to vehicles having to pull out into oncoming traffic.

But at a meeting of Bradford Council's Shipley Area Committee on Wednesday evening, residents of the terrace homes said the double yellows would leave them without a place to park, and would reduce the value of their homes by up to £10,000.

The Committee scrapped that stretch of traffic restrictions - although they went ahead with planned restrictions on a section of Browgate, and the Summerfield Close/West Lane junction.