A CAMPAIGN group has vowed to expose a youth who nonchalantly wandered down a street firing rockets behind him.

Footage, taken by Khalid Fuz who owns UK Plate Spotters, emerged yesterday showing the yob casually strolling down Great Horton Road on Wednesday night, according to the business owner.

The video shows the youth resting a firework on his right shoulder, with the tip pointing into the sky behind him.

As the yob reaches a block of buildings - which includes Mi Chaii and Berries Bagels & Snacks, the firework begins shooting missiles at a fast rate into the air.

Many of them fly and explode just yards away from the buildings, as the youth walks past.

The act has been condemned by campaign group Bradford4Better (B4B)

It was set up to tackle a variety of issues that are prevalent in the city, from dangerous driving, to the anti-social use of fireworks.

Group founder, Inayah Sher, said: "This individual does not represent any community.

"We will no longer tolerate the bad behaviour of a minority of individuals who deliberately attempt to attract attention to themselves by causing disturbance and possibly injure people, or who cause damage to our businesses, properties and home.

"He should and will be exposed by those who know him due to the proactive work of B4B.

"We need authorities to be firm with their punishment, sending the message that this behaviour will not be tolerated.

"Fireworks should be removed from shelves immediately after bonfire night and made unavailable until New Year's Eve.

"We will not put up with more months lawless use of fireworks.

"They are a nuisance and pollute our environment."

People responded in their droves on social media website Facebook.

Many condemned the act and reiterated the message of the growing campaign to have fireworks banned.

One commenter said that those standing by watching and not intervening or saying anything was another issue here.

A different person said: "This is a common trend with youngsters.

"Lighting firework, aiming it a cars, buildings, people.

"If they got a closer shot of his face, he could have been arrested."

This bizarre incident comes after a quiet Bonfire Night in Bradford.

Neighbouring Leeds saw the lion's share of trouble, with shocking scenes in Harehills where emergency service workers were attacked with fireworks.

Much of the reason for Bradford's lack of anti-social firework use on the big day itself this year is the proactivity of campaigners, such as B4B.

Mrs Sher said: "The patrolling of many volunteers, including B4B volunteers, was successful.

"It was peaceful and the presence of the community, police and the fire service had a massive impact on preventing any disturbances.

"For the first time we had women volunteers involved in patrolling.

"We did very well compared to last year on our street of Bradford. It shows community power works."

West Yorkshire Police were approached for a comment.