TRAFFIC is being delayed by accidents around Bradford in the bad weather conditions this morning.

Delays of seven minutes and delays are reported to be increasing on Somerville Avenue Eastbound between A6036 Halifax Road and M606 (Staygate Roundabout).

The average speed is 10mph.

The A6177 Rooley Lane is partially blocked both ways with traffic queueing due to accident at M606 J3 (Staygate Roundabout).

There is congestion to J2 on M606 Northbound at the Euroway Trading Estate, around the Staygate Roundabout and all its approaches.

B6145 Thornton Road Eastbound is also partially blocked with queueing traffic due to accident near Cemetery Road at Four Lane End.

Meanwhile, there are early signs that the M606 is starting to flood in a notorious flooding blackspot - under the Staygate Roundabout bridge.

One motorist said: "Half of the inside line is blocked by the floodwater on the northbound carriageway, just as you come under the bridge towards the traffic lights."

A yellow warning for rain is in now in effect across most of Yorkshire until 6am on Friday. Prolonged heavy downpours are expected with some localised flooding.

Police are asking people to drive to the conditions and remember if your wipers are going, your lights should be on.

West Yorkshire Police's Contact Management Centre have been getting a lot of reports of road traffic collisions this morning.

There is a lot of surface water on the roads and a yellow weather warning has been issued.

Drivers are asked to take care and adjust their driving to the conditions.