FAMILY, friends and special guests have come together to celebrate the 107th birthday of Kartari Chand.

Mrs Chand, who held the record for being the world's oldest married couple with her late husband, Karam, was joined by her extended family during an event on Saturday.

The couple married in 1925 and celebrated their 90th wedding anniversary in 2015.

They said at the time their aim was to reach a century but Mr Chand passed away in October 2016, aged 110.

Her son Sat Paul Chand said: "We are approaching a notable birthday for my mother, and I would like to make the most of her remaining years with us. My mother has always loved a family get-together, and actively participated in the joyous atmosphere by singing and dancing along with everyone.

"We hope that she was able to relive some of these memories through this gathering and enjoyed every moment."

Family and friends from the UK and India, community leaders, the Lord Lieutenant of West Yorkshire, and the Bishop of Bradford marked the significant event.

Mr Chand added: "This was a moment of pride for the city of Bradford and the county of West Yorkshire, as well as a celebration that our family, and my mum, will cherish forever."

He said his parents were considered to be the oldest married couple in the UK, as they had a combined age of 213 years. Both were born in Punjab, India, and migrated to the UK to settle and work in Bradford in the 1960s.

He added: "They have previously been heavily featured in the media and have had the honour of attending Her Majesty’s tea party held at Buckingham Palace in May 2013, where they met the Queen and other members of the Royal Family.

"This was a moment of huge significance for them, as they had always regarded the Royal Family highly and looked upon her as a figure of great respect. They took immense pride in having met her."