ONE BRITAIN One Nation (OBON) in partnership with the Royal British Legion is encouraging all schools in the Bradford district to observe a two-minute silence on November 11 at 11am - the 100th Armistice Day.

It is when the nation traditionally commemorates those who have served in the armed forces.

OBON says it is an opportunity for all to come together to acknowledge the contributions and the sacrifices made by the Armed Forces past and present and for "helping us shape the world we know today".

Kash Singh, chief executive and founder of One Britain One Nation (OBON), said: “It is vitally important that we must never forget the sacrifice that these brave men and women made on our behalf and it is imperative that we all encourage our children to commemorate this day in the spirit it is intended to uphold the memories of those who have gone before us.”

Philip Davies MP (Con, Shipley) is putting his weight behind the campaign. He said: “I am pleased that One Britain One Nation continues their great work in schools of championing British values. Commemorating Armistice Day with this poignant gesture both teaches children about the war and encourages learning of British history more generally.

“Importantly, however, it provides an opportunity for students to respect the sacrifice men and women made for our country to protect our freedoms.”

Zoe Mawson, headteacher of Beckfoot Heaton Primary School & Nursery, said: “Beckfoot Heaton Primary School & Nursery is proud to work with One Britain One Nation and the Royal British Legion to commemorate the 100th Armistice Day.

"Every opportunity must be taken by schools to encourage children and young people to remember the men and women who sacrificed so much for our good. At 11am on November 11th we will be silent in our school.”