PLANS to build 100 homes in Oakworth are likely to be refused, with planning officers warning that the scheme would "undermine the Greenbelt."

And Councillors will also be told that building homes on the site would be "to the detriment of the local tourist industry."

On Thursday morning Bradford Council's Regulatory and Appeals Committee will discuss plans to build 100 houses on a field off Goose Cote Lane.

A similar plan to build 130 homes on the site was refused by the committee in April 2018, with members raising concerns about its Greenbelt location.

Those plans had met with a huge amount of opposition, and after the meeting one local Councillor Rebecca Poulsen (Cons, Worth Valley) told the Telegraph & Argus: “We hope this sends a warning to other developers that are looking to build on green belt land - we won’t let that happen.”

Plans for green belt housing with 'trailer park' for elderly refused by Council

Now the same applicants GCL Developments, have re-submitted plans for the site - but with a reduced umber of 100 homes.

The new application says: "It is a statement of fact that the proposed development will encroach into Green Belt. The proposed development has however been located in such a way to minimise this impact.

"Due to the site location being next to and between an existing ‘built-up’ area the impacts upon the purposes of the green belt are limited.

"The proposed development does not merge neighbouring towns; preserves the setting and character of historic towns; and assists in urban regeneration."

However, Council officers have once again raised concerns about the location of the planned houses.

In a report to members of the committee, they recommend that the plans be refused once again.

It also reveals that 389 members of the public had objected to the plans.

The land is near the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway line and its Damems Station, and bosses of the heritage attraction have also objected to the housing proposals. In a letter to the Council they have said: "We continue to be concerned that the application will impact negatively on our attractiveness to visitors and therefore impact on our long-term future, as well as reducing the amount of tourism revenue generated in the area.

"The Planning Statement discusses the impact of the incursion into the Green Belt and the visual impact of the development, but appears to focus entirely on the immediate vicinity rather than taking into account the deleterious view across the Valley and not just from the Railway line.

"Continuing to erode the green belt and open spaces in the area will result in a denuding of the district’s distinctive, varied character that blends the urban and the rural."

The report to the committee says: "The development undermines green belt, as its location is wholly within designated green belt.

"If this development proceeds it would create potential for infill on an adjacent site. The field alongside Damens Lane and Damens Farm would become enveloped on three sides by housing with potential more development. The knock-on implication of further green belt release means that the future potential cumulative negative impact on landscape character could ultimately be more significant than is suggested by this particular application alone."

Members will be recommended to refuse the plans.

The committee meets in Bradford City Hall at 10am on Thursday.