A SCHOOL has turned its fortunes around following a visit from education watchdog Ofsted.

Inspectors visited Woodside Academy, on Fenwick Drive, in September and rated the school as 'good' overall and in every area apart from its early years provision, which has been told to improve.

Back in 2013, the school, then Woodside Primary School, became the first in Bradford to convert to an academy without a private sponsor. It was part of a Government initiative which allowed schools with high exam performances, good or outstanding Ofsted reports and well-run finances to make the conversion without private funding.

But in 2016, Ofsted said the school had suffered a "sharp decline" in quality since its conversion and the new arrangement left the school "isolated".

It then became part of the Leading Learners Academy Trust, which it is still with now.

The latest report says: "Pupils speak warmly about their teachers and friends.

"Leaders have created a welcoming environment where pupils feel safe. Woodside Academy is a big school, but leaders and staff know the pupils well. Pupils respect the staff and try hard.

"Leaders provide a broad and interesting curriculum. When asked what their favourite subject is, pupils find it hard to choose. It is clear pupils enjoy lessons."

It adds: "Pupils describe behaviour in the school as good. They know what bullying is and why it might happen. They say that teachers always help if it does.

"Teachers provide just the right amount of support to meet the needs of pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities."

Leaders are described as showing a "determination" to improve achievement - the report says they have looked closely at why not enough pupils have reached expected standards at the end of Key Stage 2 over time and have used that information to make changes to what pupils learn.

It adds: "Pupils want to learn. Staff give good support to pupils who find it harder to control their behaviour and emotions.

"Pupils’ attendance has improved over the last three years. Most pupils attend every day. Effective governance results in school leaders making the improvements needed in the curriculum, safeguarding and pupils’ attendance."

Headteacher David Harrison described the report as an "incredible achievement".

He said: "“While I am delighted that the inspector praised so many aspects of Woodside, there are a few things that really stand out. The one line I took most pride in is that the report says that children enjoy their lessons and ‘when asked what their favourite subject is, pupils find it hard to choose’."

He added: “What we should not shy away from is the fact that the inspector also noted we can continue to enhance our offer further, particularly in the lower years. That is why we see this report as a milestone on our journey rather than as the final destination. So much has been achieved already, but we will continue to do more and more for our children.”

Yvonne Brown, CEO of the Leading Learners MAT, said: “I would just like to congratulate every single person who has a role to play in supporting our amazing children. We really are going from strength-to-strength.”