FANS of Bradford magician Dynamo have responded on social media after he lost out to a scorpion.

The world-renowned performer posted on Twitter, stating "Scorpion 1-0 Dynamo".

There were "before and after" photos included with the tweet.

The first showed Dynamo looking inquisitively at a scorpion on his hand.

The second picture then shows him being checked over in a hospital bed, followed by a snap of his hand covered in bandages.

The post was accompanied by a laughing emoji, giving the impression that Dynamo was taking the ordeal in jest.

The tweet currently has 74 retweets and 1.1k likes, with people responding in a number of ways.

Many took Dynamo's humorous tone.

One person responded saying: "Scorpion almost made you disappear..."

While another said: "Well, scorpion venom is the costliest venom in the world to extract.

"You got it for free. Take it in a kind of positive way."

Most other people simply replied to wish the magician well.

Dynamo hit out earlier this year after a national newspaper described him as "fighting fit".

The magician - who was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease almost 20 years ago - said: "The way someone looks isn't necessarily an indicator of health".

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