A FIVE-YEAR-OLD from Queensbury has cycled more than 90 miles for his cousin who deals with epilepsy.

Max McLeod and his dad rode from Halifax to his grandparents house in Winsford, Cheshire, in just five days.

More than £1,000 has been raised for Epilepsy Action which will help more children like his cousin Oscar who struggles daily with fits.

His parents, Anna and Kevin, are "over the moon" with Max's determination after learning to ride his bike without stabilisers this Spring.


Max, who said it felt great to raise money for charity, said: "There were lots of fields with mud.

"I tried my hardest."

Max first told his mum that he wanted to parachute for charity but, after a discussion about safety, the family decided on a bike ride.

Max is so pleased with his achievement that he's asked his Dad to help him create a memory box, full of all the kind comments left on his Just Giving page.

Dad Kevin McLeod, who joked that he's more bruised than his young son, said: "He's been a little star with it. He's fallen off his bike and you'd think he'd give up but he's determined.

"I'm made up. He was fantastic.

"If anything, it was him saying 'Come on Daddy, let's get it done!'. 

"I've been really lucky with his attitude towards it.

"He's got two younger sisters and I think he's always been like that. He's really a big brother type to them both."

The five-year-old has already made the papers in Winsford, winning the hearts of locals.

His Mum, Anna, said: "His uncle does bits and bobs for epilepsy.

"He wanted to parachute jump so I said no. I said he could cycle.

"We are really proud of him. He's such a little sweetheart."