OCTOBER 1969 transmitted live from Bradford’s Queen’s Hall, BBC midday pop programme “Radio One Club” brought to the air by Scottish disc jockey, Stuart Henry.

Among the artists paid to entertain the hundreds of Bradford schoolchildren and students, local group the Elizabethans, a group of 18-year-olds from St Bede’s Grammar School.

Later to become known as the Kindness, then Smokey, before finally settling with Smokie, to avoid any confusion with the US singer Smokey Robinson.

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During the 60s quite a few big names flocked to the city, appearing at venues as big as the Gaumont or as small as the Little Fat Black Pussy Cat Club, Bradford's answer to The Cavern. Somewhere in the middle, opening its doors, Bradford's Queen’s Hall.

Also pictured in full flight by staff photographer Paul Bentley, Radio One DJ Stuart Henry, at Bradford’s Technical College, Westbrook Hall in 1973.