A BRADFORD school has spoken out after a rap music video depicting smoking, drug taking and alcohol was filmed using one of its classrooms a backdrop. 

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Concerned parents of pupils at Appleton Academy, Wyke, got in touch with the Telegraph & Argus after the video emerged on YouTube.

The song 'Regular' is by 8Nights (Doneightz x 1jav) and Bradford-based rapper Blazer Boccle.

It has had nearly 30,000 views since it was uploaded two days ago. 

One parent said it looks like it condones the use of drugs to easily-influenced teenagers. 

"Why was the video not looked at by someone and the song screened before allowing it?" they said. 


"As a parent I would like to know how they could allow it now all the children are being told not to discuss it. They are teenagers, of course they will."

The video includes scenes clearly shot in a school classroom, in which the artists and others can be seen smoking and drinking. In one shot Blazer Boccle, whose songs include 'Stoned Out My Napper' and 'F**k Sake', is holding a comically oversized marijuana joint.

The school has now launched an investigation.

In a statement due to be issued to parents today, executive headteacher Helen Jones said: "It may have come to your attention that a music video has appeared online which uses some of our school’s facilities.

"The video depicts smoking, drug taking and the misuse of alcohol and parts of it were filmed using one of our classrooms as a backdrop.

"The misuse of our facilities is something that we take very seriously and we have launched an investigation into how SLS, the company that manages our lettings, have allowed something so wholly inappropriate to occur on our premises."

"All our lettings are covered by legal contracts and we will be exploring what action we can take against those responsible for breaching the terms and conditions of the lettings agreement and the reputational damage that this has caused the academy.

"We are encouraging our students who have commented on the video to remove any links that identify the school and afford further publicity to the group. I would also encourage any parents or community members who have commented to also consider this course of action.

"Appleton Academy has an improving reputation.

"Our primary has been strong for a number of years and our secondary outcomes have improved significantly in recent times. Our pupils’ good behavior is often commented upon as a contributory factor to these improvements and we are determined not to let an incident such as this disrupt all the hard work and effort we as a community have invested.

"Can I assure parents that Appleton Academy has a zero tolerance towards smoking, drug use and the misuse of alcohol.

"We ensure our curriculum educates pupils and students in the dangers and harm caused by substance abuse and we promote healthy lifestyle choices. This music video was made outside of normal school hours by a group with no association to our school or community. None of our students appear in the video and none were involved in its creation.

"We would like to thank those parents who brought this video to our attention and apologise for any distress caused by this incident."

Ms Jones added:"Over the last ten years, we have a proud history of allowing our fabulous facilities to be utilised beyond the school day.

"The many activities which take place at these times both within our buildings and within our grounds enhance the lives of our students, parents and the wider community.

"We are determined not to let one group’s inappropriate actions ruin the pleasure and enjoyment of the overwhelming majority of people who treat our facilities with respect."

A spokesperson for SLS said: “We are taking the matter very seriously, working closely with the school in the interest of its staff, pupils and parents to resolve this matter.

"Our terms and conditions explicitly prohibit any form of smoking on or in any facilities. 

"The consumption of alcohol and any media recording is also prohibited without prior or written consent, which in this case was not requested.

"The booking was made for a 'university project’ for use of one of the classrooms, for which the hirer agreed and signed our terms and conditions. We are extremely disappointed that they chose to breach the terms of the letting agreement.” 

A representative of 8Nights said: "All filming within the facility was agreed prior contract agreement.

"SLS did not state that the premises could not be used for the filming of such content and that although only props were used during the filming, we understand the messaging was not something the school wished to endorse.

"We apologise to Appleton Academy for any issues caused and we will be raising this issue with SLS who authorised the booking."