A SHOP owner is counting the cost of a second burglary at his small business after a thief stole £3,000 of stock.

The Triangle, in Bradford Road, Shipley, was ransacked for the second time since Christmas Day 2018 and stock, a stereo and decks were stolen, and an Allwin machine was smashed to steal the money inside.

Gavin Hird said he realised the shop had been burgled when he checked CCTV from home and found some of the shop's furniture was not where it should have been.

He told the Telegraph & Argus: "It's such a shame we have these issues.

"The first time they did this was on Christmas Day and it's devastating to see the shop like that.

VIDEO: Christmas crimewave hits Shipley

"We had some cushion covers customised recently and they took a while to get sorted, and they just ripped them open and took them away.

"This is my livelihood. We are a tiny independent business and don't have that much cash left at the end of the month once we have paid our overheads out, so to have £3,000 of goods stolen has a massive impact on us."

The shop sells bottles of alcohol and also opens up to the community so it can be used as a space for events.

A crowdfunding appeal has been set up to try and raise £1,000 for new shutters to be installed, and had reached £820 by yesterday.

A description on the page said the aim was to "secure The Triangle against future break-ins with roller shutters of some kind".

Although the support of the community has heartened Mr Hird, he believes a third burglary would force the business to permanently close.

"If it was to happen again it would probably be the end of us," he said.

"We are a community focused business and try and provide a space for people to come to and be a place for everyone.

"It's really gutting to have one member of the public have such an impact on this business."

Mr Hird thanked the people who have donated to the crowdfunding appeal and hopes to soon have enough money to get new shutters installed.

He added: "It has been such a whirlwind few days and amazing support.

"The support has been fantastic and makes me proud to serve such a great community.

"It's great to have that outpouring of support and appreciation for what we do in the business.

"I'm a bit shy to ask for crowdfunding, but with money being so tight, it will help get our premises secure and we will have fewer incidents like this in the future.

"We have had quotes for shutters in the past and they are a few thousand pounds, but if we get that money together it will hopefully deter burglars in the future."

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police said the burglary took place between 12.30am and 2am on Monday.

They added: "Anyone with information or anyone who witnessed any suspicious behaviour should contact police on 101, quoting crime reference 13190540257."

To make a donation on the crowdfunding page go to gofundme.com/f/help-the-triangle-shipley-after-a-breakin