BRADFORD protesters were among those who travelled to London yesterday to demand a People's Vote on Brexit.

They marched with Bradford banners and Yorkshire flags. They also waved placards and European flags. 

They joined the Yorkshire Remain Voice Choir and performed for a gathering crowd, who were handed song books and joined in the songs. 

They had travelled down to the capital ahead of a key Commons vote. 

At a special Saturday sitting, MPs voted by 322 to 306 in favour an amendment withholding approval of his Brexit deal until legislation to implement it is in place.

The amendment tabled by former Cabinet minister Sir Oliver Letwin was intended to force him to comply with the so-called Benn Act requiring him to seek a Brexit extension.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson insisted that he was not “daunted or dismayed” by the result and remained committed to taking Britain out by October 31.

Geoff Fergusson, spokesman for Bradford for Europe, said: “It was long day for those of us who travelled to London by coach, but we felt we had no choice. Brexit is the biggest and most important political decision of our time. It is essential that we get it right.

"The protest was loud and very visible from within Parliament, on a day when every vote was crucial. People from all over Britain stood up to be counted. We made our voices heard. Protests of this kind have real effect, but the fight is not over.

"Brexit is nothing like what was promised. Parliament is hopelessly divided. Only the people can resolve this mess. We demand a confirmatory vote on any Brexit deal.”

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister has has come under fire after he distanced himself from a legally required request to the EU for a Brexit extension which he refused to sign.

Labour branded Boris Johnson “churlish” and “juvenile” in his attitude as he stressed to Brussels he was only sending the communication at Parliament’s bidding.

After suffering an embarrassing defeat in the Commons over his Brexit plans, the Prime Minister got a senior diplomat to send Brussels an unsigned photocopy of the call by MPs to delay withdrawal from the bloc, with a cover note stressing his detachment from the move.

In a second note to European Council president Donald Tusk, the PM said a Brexit extension would be “deeply corrosive”.