THESE five rescue cats are in desperate need of a permanent, loving home this Winter.

RSPCA Halifax, Huddersfield and Bradford Branch has now selected five cats looking for the perfect forever home.

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Could your future cat be listed here?

Nadine – 2 year old, Female

Nadine is a very affectionate girl looking for a home with a human companion who is willing to give her all the love she craves. Nadine is on a special diet due to allergies and is looking for a home with someone who is willing to give her a chance, sadly Nadine has been in search of her forever home for quite a while.

Nadine has been lucky to spend some of her time in a foster home where she loved curling up next to the fosterer on the sofa and greeted her with head bumps when she returned from work.

Nadine is a fairly confident girl and would be suited to most families. She would need to the only pet in the home and would be able to live with cat-savvy children.

Roger – 6 Year Old , male , Tabby, Looking  for outdoor home

Meet Roger, he has found the cattery quite a scary place and so is spending some time in a foster home. Unfortunately this isn't really working out either and we feel he may be happier with an outdoor home.

He was abandoned and left to fend for himself, so we know he can look after himself. He needs a more outside home as he struggles to cope in a typical home.

The RSPCA branch feel he'd be happier in his own company, where he can lead the independent lifestyle that he desires.

A more rural and quiet home would be best, perhaps you have a warm outbuilding or barn that he could call home.

Roger may wish to come indoors from time to time but the animal shelter cannot make a call on this until he's more settled.

His new adopters would need to be aware of this and be happy for Roger to make his own choice.

Roger is available for rehoming to an outdoor style home under the Feral Cat Rehoming Scheme. New owners will get a starter kit and enough food to feed Roger with whilst he settles in.

Bella – 3 Year Old, Female, Long Stay

Bella has become a long stay with the RSPCA after a rehabilitation in one of its foster homes.

Bella was brought into the branch in a bit of a sorry state back in April, 2019 and had a large wound to her back which was believed to be a burn. Bella has now made a full recovery and is ready to find her forever home.

Bella has a sassy personality. She is big, beautiful and bold. Bella would be suited to a home as the only pet, with either an adult only family or a family with cat-savvy older children.

Bella will definitely benefit from being able to explore outside once she has settled although we can't imagine she will venture far in the winter months. A cat flap would be ideal.

Seth, 10 Year Old, Male, available for adoption on the Elderly Animal Rehoming Scheme (EARS)

Seth needs a very special home where he can come and go as he pleases.

His new owners will need to be respectful of his boundaries and understand that he is a independent cat. This unique character was found as a stray and so there is no information about him or his clearly eventful past.

The RSPCA team think he has been a street cat for a while and he is looking for a home where he can continue to enjoy his freedom.

Though he does enjoy the great outdoors, a comfy blanket and a regular dinner time are also high on his priorities.

Due to his nature he would need to live with adults only and no other pets. Seth is available for rehoming under the Elderly Animal Rehoming Scheme (EARS Scheme) which has lots of benefits for those living in the Bradford, Halifax and Huddersfield area.

Smartie, 19 Year Old, Female, available for adoption on the Elderly Animal Rehoming Scheme (EARS)

Poor Smarty came back into RSPCA care after her owner was hospitalised. Since then Smarty has spent her days in a foster home, waiting for someone to offer her a new home.

Smarty is extremely pretty and has got lovely markings. She is very friendly and enjoys spending her days snoozing, she doesn't express too much interest in going outside and could potentially live happily as an indoor only cat.

Smarty is an older girl and is looking for someone to give her a chance and offer her the loving retirement home she deserves.

Smarty is available for rehoming under the Elderly Animal Rehoming Scheme (EARS Scheme) which has lots of benefot for those living in the Bradford, Halifax and Huddersfield area.

I like one of these cats - what do I do?

All these cats and other animals looking for homes are available to view on the branch's website.

People can also visit the animal centre - currently based on Wade Street, Halifax.

It is open for viewings everyday between 11am – 3pm, except Thursdays.