BRADFORD Council has transferred 33 of its buildings or assets to community groups in the past three years, a meeting has been told.

Community Asset Transfers involve organisations like Councils transferring ownership of management to community groups, such as charities or Parish Councils.

Recent high profile transfers include that of Ilkley Manor House Museum to a trust and the running of Baildon toilets to Baildon Town Council.

A further 68 are currently in progress.

At a meeting of Bradford Council on Tuesday evening Councillor Tariq Hussain asked the Authority's Executive for an update on the number of CATs.

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As well as giving the figures, the response said: "Bradford Council has the largest Community Asset Transfer programme in West Yorkshire.

"Although initially a programme to mitigate the impact of austerity on local communities, CATs are now firmly part of our localism agenda. They can empower people to become more involved in delivering services in their communities.

"Since the current community asset transfer programme commenced in 2016, 33 CATs have been completed by way of long leases.

"Notable successes include the Ilkley Manor House and grounds, public toilets in Baildon and Haworth and the former Riddlesden golf course to Keighley Scouts.

"Currently there are a further 68 in progress."