THE image of Keighley would be "degraded in the eyes of the world" if its library were to shut - a Councillor has claimed.

Councillor Rebecca Poulsen (Cons, Worth Valley) was referring to concerns that the town's library might face the chop under planned £1.05 million cuts to Bradford's Museum and Library service.

The Council announced the cuts earlier this year, and is soon to start a public consultation into how the cuts will impact services.

Officers have said the Council aims to keep all its libraries and museums open, but the budget cuts would require major changes to the way they operate.

In Keighley concerns had been raised that the town would lose its Carnegie library after a number of online rumours. The Council has proposed the facility on North Street could become a community hub - retaining the library service and including other services and facilities.

Cllr Poulson represents Haworth, where the Bronte sisters wrote their most famous works, and on Tuesday raised a motion calling for greater protection of the District's libraries.

She said: "It would be a disgrace, it would degrade Keighley in the eyes of the world, if there was no library in a town just three miles down the road from where so many famous novels were written."

Councillor Sarah Ferriby, executive for Healthy People and Places, said the cuts were necessary due to reduced funding to the Council from Central government. She assured Councillors that proposals would soon go out to public consultation.