AN investment of nearly £100,000 will bring an empty unit in the heart of Bradford city centre back to life.

Tiffin Coffee is expanding into the former Patisserie Valerie unit, which has been vacant since January when the cake chain collapsed into administration.

While the chain was saved in February, with Irish private equity firm Causeway Capital Partners snapping up 96 Patisserie Valerie sites, its time in Bradford had come to an end, leaving the large unit on the corner of Market Street and Charles Street empty.

For Tiffin, which is said to be doing “fantastically well” at its spot in the Wool Exchange, it was an opportunity to expand.

Project manager Doug Stewart said: “Between 12 and 2pm, we cannot take any more covers in because we are so busy, which is great for us, but with that it highlighted the fact that we could do more. Our product sells really well here in Bradford. We’re Bradford people born and bred, so we want to do more in town.”

And while other units were available, the Patisserie Valerie space stood out as having the most potential.

Mr Stewart added: “We wanted this one, purely because of where we’re at. It’s got the glass, it’s got the frontage, it’s got the view to Market Street.

“We want to be in the heart of it all. It’s just the perfect place.”

Tiffin Coffee Grande will have a different feel to Tiffin Coffee, targeted more towards the dessert market.

“It’s much more of a dessert parlour meets coffee shop, than just a typical coffee shop,” Mr Stewart said, adding the menu would cater to different dietary requirements and preferences, including vegan and gluten free options.

Tiffin Coffee Grande is hoping to tap into the current passion for spots which have a dessert offering.

“There’s a definite market for it,” Mr Stewart said.

“Leeds is popping up with new places, Ice Stone Gelato here in Bradford is going from strength to strength.”

Close to £100,000 is being spent on the refurbishment to ensure it packs a stylish punch.

There’ll be huge booths, sumptuous sofas and furnishings and new lighting. The aim is to open at the end of the month and to open until around 8pm every evening.

There’ll be breakfasts through the day, lunches and fresh sandwiches will be made on site to serve the new spot, as well as Tiffin Coffee.

“It will all be handmade, on site, every day so it will have that really nice fresh appeal,” Mr Stewart said.

He added: “This is a much more casual setting than our other location.

“We want people to be able to come in, just relax, sit down, kick back and really just enjoy the atmosphere.

“Really, we’re just committed to excellence and we want this place to resound that all the way through.”