The most unusual production of Shakespeare’s Richard III ever was to be presented in Bradford at the West Yorkshire Transport Museum in Ludlam Street, to officially launch Barrie Rutter’s new company Northern Broadsides in 1992.

Out of the fifteen northern actors taking part in the play with a difference were some of TVs greatest, including Brian Glover, Roy North and – both Bradford-born – Eddie Peel and Polly Hemingway.

Also ditching the Elizabethan costumes and swords, for clogs was Ishia Bennison, who in 1985 became a household name whilst playing Guizin Osman, in EastEnders, the long-suffering wife of the womanising Turkish Cypriot, Mehmet.

Most surprisingly of all, tucked away at the back and, at the time not worthy of a mention was Mark Addy. Star of the 1997 film Full Monty and Game of thrones fame as King Robert Baratheon. I wonder if at the time if Mr Rutter had realised the potential of his up and coming co-star.

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