AN ANTI-RACISM campaigner from Bradford has condemned the appalling scenes in Bulgaria last night, which saw several black and mixed race members of the England team abused by sections of the home support.

England won the Euro 2020 qualifier 6-0 but the result was of little importance. Hundreds of Bulgarian fans were pictured making Nazi salutes, wearing "No Respect" hoodies and performing monkey chants whenever the likes of Raheem Sterling and debutant Tyrone Mings were on the ball.

The sickening scenes were watched on television by Shazad Parvez, who is the co-founder of Sports Campaign Against Racism (SCAR), which is based in Manningham.

He admitted that the worst part of last night's England game was explaining to his young daughter what was happening off the pitch, saying: "I was watching the game with her, and she asked me why the game was being stopped.

"I didn't know what to say. She has white and black friends and I'm there wondering how to explain the monkey chants the Bulgarian fans were making.

"I think UEFA's protocol should be two steps not three, and I know we needed the three points but we should have walked off the second time (the game was stopped)."

Parvez suggested that there are plenty of problems closer to home too, saying: "We've got to put our own house in order. UEFA are doing nothing but the FA are far behind too. I've seen Sterling abused constantly in England but nothing has been done.

"I'm involved at Bradford (Park Avenue) but I often go to National League clubs and there's not one Asian or black person in the boardroom.

"I've recently resigned from the County FA, Bradford FA and Bradford Sunday Alliance committees, partly because I've got four young daughters and I want to take it easy, but also because I was getting stressed out and not gaining anything (in the fight against racism)."

On a more positive note, Parvez was in attendance as Campion hosted Retford at the weekend on Non-League Day. That was the selected game in Yorkshire to promote anti-discrimination and anti-racism organisation Kick It Out.

Speaking about Campion, who he is also involved with, and the day itself, Parvez said: "It was a fantastic day.

"We held a penalty shootout with junior teams of various ethnicities. Campion has always been a mixed race club. Along with Albion Sports, it's one of the most diverse groups I know in non-league.

"I do want to see more mixed sides, as SCAR is all about integration. I'm hoping to get funding from Bradford West to run a conference on racism in Bradford early next year.

"For me, it's not about blame, it's about finding solutions and looking at how we can move forward."

Parvez said SCAR would be grateful if members of the public could donate to their worthy cause. To find out more, contact him at or on 07711757070.

Meanwhile, Eccleshill United posted a powerful message on Twitter this lunchtime, accompanied by a picture of their diverse squad, saying: "As a football club, we have players of all different ethnicities.

"From English, Zimbabwean and Pakistani to Libyan, French and Guinean - Jamaican and Indian - with many more. We wouldn't be where we are without ALL these players! #NoToRacism."