BINGLEY residents have warned "somebody is definitely going to be killed" on a road so narrow that cars, HGVs and even double decker buses are forced to mount the pavement.

The problem has left Millgate, the road from Ireland Bridge to the retirement homes of River Walk, quite literally worn down with little room for pedestrians to escape from oncoming traffic.

Neighbour Jean Naismith is now worried that children and pensioners, who often use the footpath to the park, are in danger if no changes are made.

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A pole with CCTV cameras was knocked down by a passing vehicle earlier this year.

Speaking to the Telegraph & Argus, she said: "I could end up with a vehicle in my house soon. This has been a problem for a long time.

"The vehicles are now hitting the pavement everyday. People are frightened to go out. There's people of 94.

"Somebody is definitely going to be killed. The people here are getting very worried about their safety. I think the safety of people isn't being taken seriously.


"There's some issues with movement on a couple of properties that's being monitored and the surveyor said that the heavy vehicles will be contributing to that.

"There's big grooves in the pavement. It's a regular occurrence.

"I just want it to be made clear that people's lives are of the upmost importance and the retirement complex has been here since 1990.

"The council need to be taking into account what's happening here."

Now Jean is taking action after first reporting the issue to Bradford Council in early Summer - a full investigation is now underway.

She teamed up with Bingley Town Councillor Richard Holmes (Independent, Bingley Central and Myrtle Park), together creating ideas for traffic calming measures.

The pair propose reducing the speed limit down from 30mph to 20mph and switching to a one-way system by adding lights near the Brown Cow.

The town councillor said: "I think all sorts could be done.

"There's a problem with the bridge.

"People come flying round quickly which has resulted in one of the sign posts being knocked down.

"I think it would help tremendously if a set of lights were put above the Brown Cow.

"If they make it one way they can look to widen the footpath a bit.

"We know traffic in Bingley is a problem full stop."

Meanwhile a spokesperson for Bradford Council explained: “We are investigating the matter and will take appropriate action.”