A woman had to flee to refuges to escape horrific abuse that included being bitten, stabbed with a screwdriver and beaten black and blue, Bradford Crown Court heard.

She told a jury yesterday that “evil” Andrew Delsol needed putting away for life because he will carry on hurting people.

Delsol, 55, from Bradford, is on trial denying 12 offences dating back more than 30 years involving two women. The allegations include living off the earnings of prostitution, indecent assault, multiple counts of rape, wounding, assault occasioning actual bodily harm and making a threat to kill.

The second complainant told how she had been “smitten” with Delsol, who was “beautiful and so caring.”

But he took control of her, mentally and physically, she alleged.

She accused him of pouring petrol on her and flicking a lighter, hitting her on the head with a hairbrush, beating her with a piece of wood and forcing her to have sex with him outdoors when people could see.

The woman said Delsol was six feet four inches tall.

His eyes would “mist up and go red” when he attacked her.

She would be covered in teeth marks and bruises from the abuse, she stated.

Delsol would assault her in the woods where no one could hear her screaming, the jury was told.

He held her under water in a lake, threatened her with an axe, picked her up by the hair and punched her to the side of the head, she alleged.

“He just battered me black and blue every day,” she said.

The woman told how she fled to women's refuges during the abuse.

“He needs putting away for life. He’ll carry on hurting people,” she said in her police interview.

Delsol would say: “You’re my woman. Get on with it.” If I said no, then I would pay the price. I needed to comply. I needed to make him happy,” she said.

The woman described Delsol as “evil and Narcissistic.”

“He was handsome and beautiful…but he was evil, is evil,” she said.

The woman said she was a strong person who had since furthered her education and had gone on to make something of her life.

“I was fooled and I am not fooled easily. I was obsessed with him,” she said.

“I thought I was in love with him and I thought he loved me. I allowed him to take advantage of me.”

She added: “I just want justice. I want him putting away for life now.”

The trial continues.