TEN children have been dealt with by police after they were caught wandering around Bradford with dangerous fireworks. 

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Bradford West's Neighbourhood Policing Team found the youngsters with rockets and a supershooter in Lister Park, Horton Park and Green Lane on Saturday night.

One of the youngsters with a supershooter did not know it had to be dug into the ground before it was set off and they were caught with it in their hand.

All were taken back to the police station and their parents were asked to collect them.

Three of them will be dealt with by the Youth Offending Team; two for having fireworks when they are aged under 18 and another for setting one off in a public place.

Police warned parents most of the children were not known to officers and are from good homes and parents, but were making "bad choices".

They added: "Where is your child? Who are they with? What have they got in their bags?"