This is the horrifying moment a mother-of-six was flung into the air and "left for dead" in a hit-and-run.

The incident occurred on Thornton Road, close to its junction with Jesse Street, near Costcutter, at around 8:25pm on Monday.

Claire Cookland, 39, was crossing the road to go to the shop, where her 17-year-old son was waiting, when she was hit by a car.

Footage shows Miss Cookland fly into the air, before landing at the side of the road.

The vehicle drives off after hitting the mother.

She said: "They left me for dead.

"If it had been a smaller, dainty person, I don't think they would have survived.

"I'm scared in case they carry on doing it, or a child or elderly person is hit.

"My son is having flashbacks, he can't sleep on a night. He's just seen me flying up in the air and them driving off."

Miss Cookland described the moment of horror as she saw the car heading towards her.

She said "A red car flew past first, it almost hit my son.

"Another car then came past overtaking somebody driving the normal speed limit.

"I looked and it was clear, so I crossed and then this car flew out of nowhere.

"I tried to walk on the road fast to get over to the other side.

"It was a real moment of panic. I was just hoping my kids weren't watching out the window because we only live over the road."

Miss Cookland has six children in total and is thankful fate was on her side in more ways than one.

She said: "That's what hurts more, if it had been a lot worse than it was, my kids would not have had me here - they'd have been on their own.

"I was actually going to take my seven-year old with me. Obviously he would have been holding my hand."

Amazingly Miss Cookland walked away from her ordeal with no broken bones.

But she did suffer a number of injuries, including: torn ligaments, a lump on her left leg, damage to her jaw, and huge bruises. 

The injuries have left her unable to work, struggling to eat, and relying on her children to help day-to-day activities.

It has come at the worst possible time with Christmas on the horizon.

"I'm devastated to be fair. I'd rather be at work earning money to treat the kids.

"I'm having to rely on my kids to help me - up off the coach - and I can't bend my knee.

"I don't think it is fair at all to be inside. They want to be out doing their own thing."

The mother and her brother, Terry Cookland, have worked tirelessly to try identify the suspect, after feeling unsatisfied with the reponse from police.

This has included gathering CCTV and speaking to people round the area.

A police spokesperson said: "Police were called at 8.29pm on Monday to a report of a collision involving a car and a pedestrian at the junction of Jesse Street and Thornton Road.

"Officers attended and found the pedestrian, a woman, had suffered head and leg injuries. She was taken to hospital for further assessment.

"Enquiries were made at the scene to establish if there was any CCTV covering where the collision had occurred.

"We have since spoken to the victim and reassured her we are doing all we can to locate this vehicle and identify the driver."

Police are appealing for anyone who can help the investigation or who may have dash cam footage of the collision or vehicle involved.

If you can help, called the Safer Roads and Neighbourhood Support team on 101 or use the contact options on the West Yorkshire Police website.

You should quote log: 1671 of 7 October.