A car has come to rest in a ‘perilous’ position in the fast lane of the M62 motorway.

The blue vehicle is nestled next to the concrete central reservation of the eastbound carriageway, with the driver still inside and all three lanes of traffic still running at speeds of up to 70mph.

“It’s a perilous situation,” said one passing motorist.

The drama is unfolding between junctions 24 and 25, near Brighouse.

The passing driver added: “I was in the outside lane when, suddenly, with no apparent warning, a stationary car appeared.

“It was nestled right up against the central reservation but there was just room to get past without changing lanes.

“There was no obvious damage so I assume it’s a fast lane breakdown with no prospect of getting to a safety lay-by.

“They’ll have to close all three lanes to free the stranded vehicle.

“I felt terrified for the poor driver.”

Shortly before 9.45am, police were understood to be en route to the emergency.