BUSINESS is booming at a local clothing store after bringing a fabric fanatic out of retirement.

Suit specialists IK Collections, in Westgate, convinced well-known tailor Ray Lister to come out of retirement.

The shop has a history of fitting all kinds of celebrities, the most recent of which was Chris Eubank Jr.

Other star-studded customers include, Amir Khan, Tyson Fury, Tom Zanetti and Duncan James from Blue.

Owner Imran Khan opened the shop back in 2016, in the very premises where Mr Lister had served his loyal customers for more than half a century.

Now, with his help, IK Collections is beating Brexit too, with in-house production.

Mr Khan said: "We were ordering fabrics from Venice and the chap was telling us that prices are going up.

"We knew they were going to, but we didn't know they were going up straight away.

"Ordering from other countries, you're paying tax, delivery, all that."

They decided to move production in-house and started buying fabrics from closer to home.

Bradford-based John Foster and Bateman & Ogden, are just some of the local textile mills IK Collections orders from, harking back to the city's industrial heydays.

Mr Lister has also enlisted the help of one of his old tailors, Sofia Bortnik, while Mr Khan brought in Banafsheh Zadeh for quality control.

All cutting and stitching is done in a modest workshop at the back of the main store.

Customers are offered a full "Savile Row" experience, with first and second fittings, and the choice of fused, half canvas, or full canvas suits.

It all comes in at a fraction of the price compared to the famous London tailors.

But corners are not cut when it comes to quality.

Mr Khan said: "The best thing is, I'm seeing it happen in front of my eyes, instead of sending it to another country."

The workshop has also been extended to further IK Collection's in-house ability.

Mr Lister said: "We do all the cutting, everything, on the premises.

"It's Savile Row type work, with proper canvas jobs, but not their prices."

The 81-year-old tailor retired seven years ago, after more than half a century in the business.

But, four months ago, he made a return with IK Collections, under the banner of Ray Lister Tailoring The Savile Row of the North.

Mr Lister said: "I was fed up of being at home after coming back from India.

"I was watching a lot of rubbish television and then Imran decided to ask if I would come in and help out."

Mr Khan said: "I've known Ray for years and years.

"I said look, why don't you come down and have a look and he loved it."

The relationship between the pair has been mutually beneficial.

Mr Khan relishes learning from his partner's expertise, while Mr Lister admits he's found out a lot he didn't know about Asian wedding garments.

Mr Khan added: "I want to take his legacy to the next level, that's what I want to do."