BEGINNER gardeners have been offered tips on how to grow fruit and vegetables throughout the year, even if they don’t have a greenhouse. have put together their advice for green fingered novices and say a sunny windowsill still helps brings seeds along.

A spokesperson for said: “Despite what novice gardeners may think, there are still varieties of fruit and vegetables you can plant now to give you homegrown food as we enter winter.

“Leafy veg like spinach, autumnal crops including turnips and even radishes are good to plant now. Later in the autumn, try garlic and asparagus so it’s fit for Spring.

“Growing these and bringing them along quickly doesn’t have to be a costly process. If you can invest in a greenhouse then it’s worth doing. We’ve shared a few other tips which will help you grow all year round.”

Depending on what you’re growing, between January and March is the best time. Don’t rush to plant too early though. You need to make sure the ground has warmed up and there are no late winter frosts.

To make a homemade heated propagator you will need to invest in a soil warming cable and thermostat.

If you’re growing something small, like a chilli plant in a pot, and want to move it on quickly, trying placing in a bright spot in the house and covering loosely with a plastic bag. Keep a close eye on progress and remember to water.

For a steady supply of fresh food, pick produce carefully. Salad leaves take around three weeks, radishes can grow in as little as 25 days and carrots just 50 days.

Place your seedlings in a pot and you can move them around to find the sun.

Potatoes, kale, tomatoes and salad leaves are all worth a try.