A man was shot at close range and struck with a machete in a revenge attack in broad daylight on a Bradford housing estate, a jury heard today.

Mark Lee grabbed the barrel of the gun and aimed it away from his body after he was wounded in the left thigh, it is alleged.

Mr Lee, 36, was set upon by “two athletic males” in hooded grey tracksuits, one with a shotgun and the other with a machete, prosecutor Nicholas Campbell QC said at Leeds Crown Court.

It was the Crown’s case that Mr Lee’s attackers were Nicholas Beck, 30, of Dawnay Road, Little Horton, Bradford, and John Wilkinson, 28, of Sage Street, also in Little Horton.

Both men plead not guilty to wounding Mr Lee with intent to do him grievous bodily harm in Grayswood Crescent, Holme Wood, shortly before 11.30am on Sunday, April 14.

Beck denies having a firearm with intent to commit an indictable offence and Wilkinson pleads not guilty to having an offensive weapon, a machete, in a public place.

Mr Campbell said that Mr Lee was attacked as he sat in his blue works Transit van and left seriously injured by two men who left the scene in a Mitsubishi Shogun.

The vehicle was burned out later that day at Buttershaw Youth Centre on Reevy Road, Buttershaw, Bradford, the jury was told.

Mr Campbell said that no insurance claim was made on the Shogun and there was no report to the police that it had been stolen.

Mr Lee told the police he did not know Beck or Wilkinson but he traced Beck on social media after he “stole something from him.”

The night before he was shot, Mr Lee went to an address in Dawnay Road and damaged a car with a baseball bat or a pickaxe handle.

Mr Campbell alleged Mr Lee was set upon to exact revenge for the “flagrant” attack on the car.

The jury watched CCTV footage of Mr Lee being assaulted and then hobbling away to hide in a nearby garden.

The man with the machete damaged the van around the driver’s door and caused minor lacerations to Mr Lee’s right arm and shoulder.

The gunman, who was off camera when he fired the single shot, struck Mr Lee in the back of his left thigh.

He said his assailants demanded “ten grand” from him.

Mr Lee was tended by a nearby resident who held a towel against his thigh until paramedics arrived.

The jury heard that the shotgun wound was 15 centimetres across.

He spent five days in Bradford Royal Infirmary where shotgun pellets were removed from his thigh wound and his right calf.

Scenes of crime officers recovered 39 shotgun pellets from the scene, including 25 with impact damage.

Beck was apprehended in Blackpool two days later and Wilkinson was arrested by armed officers at his address in Sage Street in the early hours of the Wednesday.

Both exercised their right to remain silent when they were questioned by the police.

Mr Lee at first named Beck as one of his attackers but later told the police he had made a mistake.

He did not know who the second man was.

Mr Campbell said the shotgun and the machete had not come to light.

The trial continues.